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Voice study is the secret to success for many pop and contemporary vocal artists.

With over 25 years of experience in teaching voice and performing, we aim to conquer any challenge you may have vocally. We welcome all ages and can teach locally or online all over the world. We will teach you how to use your voice and deliver with more power and vocal technique to expand your range and expression. It does not matter rather you are singing in a band or at a Karaoke club. Our goal is to be your vocal mentor and give you the tools to become more confident in achieving top notch vocal performances.

This course is a fantastic starting point for anyone wanting to make the most of their voice for plays, concerts, singing all genres of music and proven techniques to record songs in a recording studio. The course explores how to sing with more freedom, sing simple and complex harmonies, have better breath control, timing and understand how to take care of your voice. You’ll learn effective warm-up and practice routines, ways to address performance anxiety, performing techniques on stage, use of microphones. As the course progresses, you’ll gain the skills to sing in various styles and keys. By the end of the course, you will be able to sing with consistent, accurate intonation and develop coordinated breath support to help stamina and increase control, demonstrate a free-tone quality with minimum tension,  establish beneficial practice habits to help with growth and development, take care of your voice,  use simple melodic embellishment and sing in harmony without sliding into notes.

Our goal is to create a fun and memorable environment that will keep you coming back to achieve the success you may have thought was out of reach. We offer hourly and monthly schedules. Contact us now and let’s get started with creating a solid foundation and build from there. We absolutely love what we do!