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Want to set the perfect mood for your event with stunning event lighting and sound system? Look no further, Florida Event Source has got your covered! We will take care of the color, texture, sound and motion at your event that will completely transform the feeling you and your guests have as they enter your event.

The goal of Florida Event Source is to setting up perfect sound for large and small events, live event setup and wedding sound systems at a reasonable rate. We have been providing Pro Sound Setup for a wide variety of events in Florida for over 25 years. We have always made sure the sound we provide is perfectly tailored to each event and our clients budget, because in the end; customers satisfaction is what we care about.

At Florida Event Source we don’t just set up speakers. Our choices of speakers are fully tailored to coverage requirements and the size of the venue. We consider several things such as the shape of the room and how the speakers will interact with boundaries like the walls, ceiling, and floor.

You can have a fully customized sound system installed almost anywhere. We can even set up a 4 speaker wireless sound system. Several sound systems have been installed not only within our local community but also in the surrounding areas and far beyond. And although, many people are not sure of where to begin. Our Team can take care of that by coming to your location and figuring out what the trouble is and fixing it on the spot.

Beside sound system installation, we also have a professional team to arrange the room with perfect light because pro sound and lighting are the two key features that can make your event, wedding entertainment, birthday parties, corporate events extraordinary and memorable.

If you have any inquiries call us or contact us today!